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Name of the firm Essem Metachem Industries (P) Limited
Product Foundry chemicals (Hot tops / sleeves)
Year of foundation April 1994
Plant Location Bahadurgarh, Haryana
Area 3,000 Square Yards
Capacity 300,000 Units
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Exothermic Ingot Heading-- HOTTOPS
Our ESS-TOPS (Hot tops) ingot heading systems are particularly suitable for lining the head section of smaller milling, forging and slab ingot moulds, thereby minimising the volume of ingot head cropping and thus maximising yield. Due to their exothermic properties, these heading systems are capable of maintaining the ingot head in a molten state for longer, thus reducing piping and segregation still further compared to the simple insulating heading systems. This naturally leads to both a higher yield of usable final steel and improved steel quality. These heading systems are often used during the casting of stainless steel ingots.

Exothermic and Insulating Sleeves

Product :- Exothermic, Insulating and William Core Sleeves for Ferrous and Non-ferrous castings is used as cover for the surface at the top of the steel risers in casting

Description:- The main requirement in the castings is to maintain the head metal in risers at a high temperature during the relatively short body solidification period. This is achieved by heading/inserting with highly exothermic or Insulating Sleeves. The solidifying chill portion of the casting can thus be fed from the liquid head metal reservoir.

Sizes :- Sizes vary from Internal Diameter (I.D) ranging from 25mm to 150mm and heights from 3mm to 400mm for Exothermic and Insulating grades.


  • Casting rejections due to shrinkage defects is minimized
  • Size of the sand riser is reduced, hence yield of casting is improves.
  • Excellent Strength of Sleeves
  • Highly sensitivity and exothermic

Anti Piping Compound (A.P.C)-F

Product :- Anti Piping Compound (A.P.C) comprises a range of high quality exothermic and insulating powders for hot topping

Description :- A.P.C is a powder formulation, used as a cover for the surface at the top of the steel risers in casting. During the burning it generates heat as well as provide insulation to avoid heat loss.

Content :- Aluminium (%): 20-22 % metallic aluminium

Expansion :- During burning the compound swells six times of its volume thus providing good insulation on the top of the riser.