Low Iron Limestone in Rajasthan : Limestone with low iron content is essential ingredient in Glass making and extremely usefull in Steel Plants and Iron Plants in Blast furnace. Our Low Iron Limestone(Chemical Grade Limestone) is most suitable for efficient blast furnace operations and cost control. Limestone with low iron content ensures very clear glass for solar panels using flat glass. Specific grades of limestone are essential for the packaging glass industry, for example to control the color of bottles.
High Purity white limestone (low iron and manganese content) is particularly suited for the production of a very bright PCC(Precipitated Calcium Carbonate). Our company manufactures high quality pulverized limestone that is low iron content, low Magnesium content and low silica content. Our low iron limestone is used for Thermal stability purpose also and in Blast furnace.
Our Low Iron Limestone is most suitable for following Applications and in Industries Application:
1. Glass Making Industries
2. Steel Plants
3. Iron Plants
4. Blast Furnace Operations

Our Low Iron Limestone (Chemical Grade Limestone) is being used in following manner :

Industry Key Chemical Property A Key Chemical Property B Customers A Customers B
Glass – Container Fe2O3 < 400ppm CaO > 54% Hindustan National Glass Piramal Glass
Glass – Float Fe2O3 < 400ppm CaO > 54% Saint Gobain India Hindustan National Glass
Boilers (CFBD) SiO2 < 1.0% CaO > 54% Nirma Ltd Siddhi Vinayak Cement

Gaurika Minerals(Khimsar Rajasthan) which is associate firm of Essemmetachem is one of the leading manufacturer & top supplier of High Quality Limestone Powder, Low silica limestone, Low Iron limestone, low Magnesium Limestone and chemical grade limestone in Rajasthan. We have established our Limestone Mines in Rjasthan-Khimsar due to 2.5 to 8 meter thick limestone beds in an area of 13.7 sq-km with estimated 170.16 Mn MT mineable reserves which reserves of very high Calcium (CaO > 54%) and contains very low levels of residuals such as low Iron (<400 ppm) and low Silca (<1.0%) and other siliceous skeletal and phosphorous.. We have large reserves of low iron limestone in our Limestone mines in Rajasthan. We can Easily fulfill large demands of low iron limestone for big Steel Plants,Iron Plants and Blast furnace.
The chemical composition of Low Iron limestone manufactured by us in Rajasthan-Khimsar for Steel plants, Iron Plants, Glass making Plants and Blast furnace is:

CaCO3 CaO Fe2O3 MgO SiO2
> 97% > 54% < 0.02% < 1.0% < 1.0%

Application of Chemical Grade Limestone in Blast Furnace Operations :
In the blast furnace application, the production of iron required three important raw materials: iron ore, coal converted to "coke", and chemical grade limestone.

Chemical grade limestone is important to the process as it is the primary raw material which helps remove impurities from the iron ore and produces a slag with low melting point and a high fluidity. Consistency of the chemical grade limestone for chemistry and sizing is critical for efficient blast furnace operations and cost control.

Limestone will react with the temperature in the blast furnace as it continues down the furnace to react with sulfur from the iron and produce a slag with the silica formed from the iron ore. The first reaction involved is as follows: CaCO3 = CaO + CO2 The CaO is used to remove the sulfur and react with the silica to produce a fluid slag at the bottom of the furnace.

High Calcium Chemical Grade Limestone – High quality limestone for the blast furnace process is typically has a 2” x ¾: sizing and consistency in chemistry with CaCO3 analysis typically 97.6%. In some cases 1” x ½” sizing is used.

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Particulars Details
Name of the firm Gaurika Minerals
Product Low Iron Limestone
Year of foundation January 2013
Plant Location Khimsar, Distt Nagaur, Rajasthan
Area 16 acres
Capacity 5,000 MT / Month

Sizes manufactured - Limestone : 4mm to 200mesh which is also equivalent to
5000μ - 100 μ. Size can vary as per demand and requirements. Know More about Our Limestone in Rajasthan

Our high quality limestone is also most suitable for applications in following areas: