Low Silica Limestone in Rajasthan : Low Silica limestone is a very requirement of steel plants. Low Silica Limestone is used in steel plants with BOF technology(basic oxygen furnance technology) as a flux. The steel industry use Low Silica limestone in the production process as a flux in purifying steel in both basic oxygen furnaces and electric arc furnaces. Limestone is added to the mixture in the steel making furnace where it reacts with impurities particularly silica, phosphorus and sulphur; later forming liquid slag which is separated from the steel and removed from the furnace. For this purpose good fluxing limestone low in acid constituents such as silica, alumina, sulphur and phosphorus is required. The limestone should be dense, massive, preferably fine grained, compact and non-fretting on burning. Our company manufactures high quality pulverized limestone that is also Low Silica limestone as it contains very small amount of silica. Gaurika Minerals(Khimsar Rajasthan) which is associate firm of Essemmetachem is one of the leading manufacturer & top supplier of High Quality Limestone Powder, High Quality Fine Limestone Powder and High Quality Natural Limestone Powder, Low silica limestone in Rajasthan. We have large reserves of low silica limestone in our Rajasthan mine. We can Easily fulfill large demands of low silica limestone for big steel Plants.
Our Low Silica Limestone is most suitable for following Applications and in Industries Application:
1. Glass Making Industries
2. Steel Plants
3. Iron Plants
4. Blast Furnace Operations

The chemical composition of Low Silica limestone manufactured by us for Steel plants in Rajasthan-Khimsar is:

CaCO3 CaO Fe2O3 MgO SiO2
> 97% > 54% < 0.02% < 1.0% < 1.0%

Particulars Details
Name of the firm Gaurika Minerals
Product Low Silica Limestone
Year of foundation January 2013
Plant Location Khimsar, Distt Nagaur, Rajasthan
Area 16 acres
Capacity 5,000 MT / Month

Sizes manufactured - Limestone : 4mm to 200mesh which is also equivalent to
5000μ - 100 μ Know More about Our Limestone in Rajasthan

Our high quality limestone is also most suitable for applications in following areas: