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Limestone Granules and Limestone Powder

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Essemmetachem has established its processing plant - Gaurika Minerals for limestone in Rajasthan, District Nagaur - Khimsar. Gaurika Minerals reserves 16 acres of limestone land in khimsar which produce very high quality of limestone, limestone Granules and limestone Powder in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Khimsar is well known place for its limestone quality. Read more details about our Plant and Limestone qualities....
Our high quality limestone is popular with in following categories :

Dolomite Granules and Dolomite Powder

Dolomite Rajasthan India

Our company is well known and famous among top buyers of dolomite in Rajasthan and all over India. Our company reserves 03 acres of land full of high quality dolomite in Rajasthan - Sojat. Our dolomite is high specific gravity and high bulk density mineral with less reactive. Our plant in Rajasthan produce and supply best and top quality dolomite, dolomite powder and dolomite granules in Rajasthan.
Our high quality dolomite is popular with in following categories :

Feldspar Granules and Feldspar Powder

Feldspar Rajasthan India

Our company manufacture high quality pulverized Soda Feldspar in Rajasthan. It is primarily used in industrial application for their alumina and alkali content. Feldspar is produced by our associated firm Hari Om Grinding Pvt. Ltd. Our company is one of top manufacturer and supplier of Feldspar Grains in Rajasthan and all over India.
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Quartz Sand / Foundry Sand

Quartz sand Haryana India

Our company manufacture and supply medium grade quartz that is most suitable for foundry industries, ramming mass and other chemical industries in Haryana. Quartz grain and Foundry sand is produced/manufactured by our associated firm Hari Om Industries in Panchnota (Narnaul), Haryana.
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Foundry Chemicals - Hotops & Sleeves

Foundry Chemicals Haryana India

Our ESS-TOPS (Hot tops) ingot heading systems are particularly suitable for lining the head section of smaller milling, forging and slab ingot moulds, thereby minimising the volume of ingot head cropping and thus maximising yield. Due to their exothermic properties, these heading systems are capable of maintaining the ingot head in a molten state for longer, thus ....
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