Dolomite Low Iron

Dolomite Low Iron: Low Iron Dolomite manufactured by Essem Metachem is of high purity with Very low Iron content (Fe2O3 <0.02%) and high Calcium oxide (CaO >54%) content. Low Iron Dolomite is widely used in Glass Making Industries, High transparency Glass & lens making, Cement Making Industries(Typical standard - MgO+CaO 50% min., Fe2O3 100ppm max.). Low Iron Dolomite is extensively used in an iron and steel plant in various processes. Our Low iron Dolomite is high in Demand by Steel and Iron Industries and by others who requied low iron content dolomite with high purity. Dolomite is used as a slag former, slag modifier and as a refractory material. The process of iron making is the reduction of iron ore to produce iron. Iron ore normally contain gangue materials such as silica (SiO2), Alumina (Al2O3) along with sulphur (S) and Phosphorus (P). Removal of these impurities is done by combining the gangue materials with CaO and/or MgO to form slag which consists of low melting point complex compounds such as calcium silicate, calcium aluminate etc. CaO and MgO is charged along with other raw materials in the form of lime stone and dolomite or it is charged through sinter where again fines of dolomite is used. This dolomite is first decomposed into CaO or CaO+MgO which then combine with gangue to form slag. Further lime from dolomite reacts with sulphur present in the raw materials to form CaS which goes into slag. During steel making high basicity of the steel making slag is being maintained with the help of lime. Lime is also used in secondary steel making. In steel melting shop, fettling of the lining as well as patching is done with dolomite based compounds. Calcined dolomite is also used in converters to maintained MgO levels in the steel making slags. It also acts as a slag modifier in case of slag splashing. Burnt dolomite is also used for making refractory bricks for the purpose of lining in steel melting shop. Dolomite manufactured by us in Rajasthan can be used in Steel Industries Ceramic Industry, Glass Industry, Plastics Industry, Detergents Industry, Paints Industry and in many more..

Surya Corporations

Surya Corporations is an associate firm of Essem Metachem for Manufacturing and processing of Dolomite and Dolomite Powder in Rajasthan. Our company manufactures high quality Dolomite Granules and Dolomite Powder in Rajasthan-Sojat. Our company is well known and famous among top buyers of Dolomite in Rajasthan and all over India. Our company reserves 03 acres of land full of high quality dolomite in Rajasthan-Sojat. Our Dolomite is High Specific Gravity and High Bulk Density mineral with Less Reactive. Our Plant in Rajasthan produce best and top quality Dolomite, Dolomite Powder and Dolomite Granules in Rajasthan. We are among few top Suppliers of Dolomite, Dolomite Powder and Dolomite Granules in Rajasthan-Sojat.

Dolomite Granules and Dolomite Powder : Dolomite is an anhydrous carbonate mineral composed of calcium magnesium carbonate, ideally CaMg(CO3)2. Dolomite is chemically known as Calcium Magnesium Carbonate (CaCO3.MgCO3). Dolomite is a double carbonate rock with composition of Calcium & Magnesium occurring as arhombohedral crystals, proportion varying as per mining zones. Dolomite is harder and denser than the calcite form of calcium carbonate or limestone, and is more chemically inert and more impervious to acid attack means It does not rapidly dissolve or effervesce (fizz) in dilute hydrochloric acid as calcite does. Chemically and structurally it is similar to calcite with half the calcium ions replaced by magnesium.

Our Capacity and Sizes : Our Grinding Plant has estimated production capacity of 2,500 MT / Month of Dolomite, Dolomite Powder and Dolomite Granules in Rajasthan. We are highly capable of suppling large reserves of Dolomite, Dolomite Powder and Dolomite Granules on high demands. Our grinding plant is also capable of producing and processing Dolomite, Dolomite Powder and Dolomite Granules in number of sizes varying from 4 - 6mm, 6 - 10mm, 10 - 20mm, 20 - 40mm, 40 - 80mm.

Our Quality Control: We have an onsite laboratory and qualified chemist staff to ensure quality of Dolomite raw material and finished Dolomite products like Dolomite Powder and Dolomite Granules.

The chemical composition of pulverized Dolomite manufactured by us in Rajasthan - Sojat is:

CaO Fe2O3 MgO SiO2
> 54% < 0.02% > 18% < 2.0%

Particulars Details
Name of the firm Surya Corporations
Product Dolomite granule / Dolomite powder
Year of foundation January 2012
Plant Location Sojat, Distt Pali, Rajasthan
Area 03 acres
Capacity 2,500 MT / Month

Our high quality Dolomite is also most suitable for applications in following areas: